The Lost Princess of Starlight

The Lost Princess of Starlight is an epic fantasy series about a girl who finds her way into the faery realm, where nothing is as it seems.

Fae Bargains

Faerie punishments usually spell death.
For Evan, it could offer freedom.⁣

As reluctant heir to the Moonlight Court, Evan would take forest games over a royal crown any day. But when he’s caught sneaking humans into faerie for fun, the fearsome Huntsman of the Forest delivers a fateful ultimatum: give up the throne to serve as Guardian of the gates between realms or face the wrath of the combined Courts of Faery for breaking the Treaty of the Yews.⁣

With a chance to escape the dreaded role he was born to finally within reach, Evan is willing to do whatever it takes to claim the Huntsman’s bargain. But it’s easier said than done when his mother, the domineering Queen of Moonlight, orders him to go on a last royal mission that pits him against his heart.⁣

With his future on the line, can Evan complete this final task…or will he unwittingly set into motion the greatest betrayal known to faekind?

⁣Read this prequel novella to the Lost Princess of Starlight series to find out how Evan changed the fate of faerie forever.

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Fae Fair

A magical world.
A bewitching fair.
An impossible promise.

Zoe is looking for a way to escape her bully of a foster brother, but when she takes her horse for a ride and crosses into faery by mistake, all she wants is to return home. That is until she is hailed as a long-lost princess.

Her insistence on exploring further leads to the capture of the one friend she has made, the enigmatic Guardian of the Gates who she trusts more than she should. In securing his release she becomes bound by an unwinnable bargain to the Queen of Dawnlight, which risks his very position.

Things would be easier if the aloof and scornful Prince Florian would tell her more about what happened sixteen years ago. Or help her with fulfilling her promise to the Queen.

She feels the mysterious fair must hold the answer, but can she find it in time?

Fae Fair is the first in a new clean series for lovers of fae, epic fantasy, and magical bargains.

Publish date: 29th April 2021

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Fae Secrets

A captured friend.
An annoying brother.
Can her return to faery get any worse?

After returning to the human realm, Zoe is determined to keep her head down and stay out of trouble until after her exams are over. In the meantime, she refuses to dwell on what it means to be the missing Princess of Starlight…or which realm she belongs in.

But her best laid plans crumble when she learns that her foster parents are fae and have have hidden her heritage all along. Suddenly, her entire life feels like a lie.

To make matters worse, she discovers her friend Evan has been captured by the Queen of Dawnlight. Again.

And it’s all her fault.

The only way to save him is to return to faery, this time with her overbearing foster brother in tow. Can she navigate the faery courts, on her own this time, and save her friend without accumulating more debts? Or will her brother upset everything, including her budding relationship with Prince Florian of the Sunlight Court?

Find out more in this delightful fae fantasy for lovers of slow burn romance and magical bargains.

Publish date: 27th April 2022

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Fae Betrayal

The forest stirs.
The wild hunt rides.
Zoe must make a stand for what she wants.

With her trusted steed by her side, Zoe leaves the human realm for a life with Florian in Faery. But the gate takes her to the world tree instead. The tree’s guardian sets her on the right path, but warns her of a growing threat to the fae realm.

When she arrives in the Sunlight Court, things do not go as planned. Distrusted by the Sunlight fae, Zoe doesn’t fit their expectations of a princess. As for Florian, he’s still determined to have her as his queen after his upcoming coronation, but she chafes at what that would mean for her. Now Zoe is questioning her own heart and wonders where she belongs.

The five Faery Courts seem to be at peace, but tensions bubble beneath the surface. Deep in the forest unease is brewing. The wild hunt rampages closer to the courts. Whispers of worse threaten a dire future for faery. After the previous Conclave of the Yews, the other queens distrust Zoe and ignore her pleas for help. She must gather her allies, old and new, to protect the realm despite them.

In this thrilling finale to the Lost Princess of Starlight series, continue Zoe’s story as she follows her own path to build the life she desires, while doing whatever she can to help the realm she longs to call home.

Publish date: 26th April 2023

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Lost Princess of Starlight omnibus

Fae princes, pixies and opposing bargains collide when Zoe rides her horse through a portal to Faery.

New companions want her for their own purposes, and secrets long forgotten return to the surface. Trapped in the Fae realm with her horse, Zoe searches for a way back. But when she learns she is a long-lost fae princess her priorities change. How can she return her horse to the human realm, while also learning about her fae heritage?

Caught between the Fae Courts, she must determine who wishes to help her, and who wishes to use her for their own ends. The Queen of Dawnlight demands a token, the Guardian of the Gates insists she must return home, and the Prince of Sunlight tolerates her as she reminds him of his guilt. Zoe must find out how she fits into this magical world, and what draw the fair, at the centre of Faery, has over her.

This coming of age story features hidden royalty, fae creatures, a magic fair, and a prophecy. Suitable for fans of Sarah KL Wilson and Kay L Moody.

Publish date: 5th December 2023


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