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The weaver's daughter compressedThe Weaver’s Daughter

One summer’s evening Kyra comes face to face with the Shadeling, a monster that has been terrorising her village by stealing livestock and children. Her mother is sick and there is nowhere to run. She doesn’t want to be his next victim, but she has nothing but her wits and her kind-hearted nature to defend herself with.

This is a fairy tale about making friends with the monsters that live next door.

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What Jack found compressedWhat Jack found

Five year old Jack finds a fairy in his garden, and so he and his mother find themselves entangled in a conflict between rival fairy clans. Surrounded by fairies wielding short thorn spears Sally must decide how to best protect her son and what to do with the Prince they have captured. She needs to decide whether to release him to his enemies or risk becoming casualties themselves if they don’t.

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A lakeside meeting compressedA lakeside meeting

Bernard’s career is over and now he’s being hunted by the creatures he helped to make. They are linked to his DNA and when they find him they will alter his brain patterns to whatever traits have been selected for him. He knows that he can’t escape them, so he’s chosen the place of contact. As the sun rises over the lake he sits to wait for their arrival. But then a large black cat appears and sits next to him. Also waiting.


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Awakening Iorwen compressed okAwakening Iorwen

Coming soon…

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He had a pocketful of beans and the world was his to explore!

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