A mixed bag

A collection of ten short stories with a measure of the fantastic in each. Includes the following:

  • The weaver’s daughter: A fairy tale about making friends with the monsters next door.
  • What Jack found: When your son finds a fairy in the garden do you release him to potentially hostile forces, or risk your family to keep him safe?
  • Awakening Iorwen: A sleeping beauty re-telling set against the consolidation of Roman rule in Wales.
  • A lakeside meeting: Bernard is on the run from the hybrid butterflies he developed to interface with your brain.
  • In the box: Two students find a mysterious growing box in their office.
  • We need to talk: How can Damian absolve his guilt over the accident that crippled his sister?
  • Spook school: There’s something different about the school next door, but it’s not what Josephine expects.
  • The husband test: An unexpected package ruins everything.
  • The Halloween dare: Nothing is as it seems when exploring the house at the top of the hill.
  • Bargaining with a demon: An unexpected visitor gives Charlie an opportunity of a lifetime, but does she dare to take advantage of it?
A Mixed Bag Book Cover

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The Weaver’s Daughter

One summer’s evening Kyra comes face to face with the Shadeling, a monster that has been terrorising her village by stealing livestock and children. Her mother is sick and there is nowhere to run. She doesn’t want to be his next victim, but she has nothing but her wits and her kind-hearted nature to defend herself with.

This is a fairy tale about making friends with the monsters that live next door.

What Jack found

Five year old Jack finds a fairy in his garden, and so he and his mother find themselves entangled in a conflict between rival fairy clans. Surrounded by fairies wielding short thorn spears Sally must decide how to best protect her son and what to do with the Prince they have captured. She needs to decide whether to release him to his enemies or risk becoming casualties themselves if they don’t.

A lakeside meeting

Bernard is shunned at work and threatened that Monday he will think differently. He has spent twenty years working as a neurotechnologist and now his hybrid butterflies are being used against him. To force him to agree to their use being put on the open market. They are linked to his DNA, so he can’t run or hide. All he can do is find the perfect waiting place for his acquisition.

Awakening Iorwen

Marcus, the Tribunus lactivus of Cambria and leader of the Second Augustan Legion, is touring the westernmost reaches of his authority when he finds a path. A path his guide claims didn’t exist. A path that calls to him to find its end. A path that leads to a hillfort lost to history.

This Sleeping Beauty re-telling is set against the consolidation of Roman rule in Wales.

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