Phoenix Empress

Phoenix Empress is an epic fantasy series starring crystal magic and a fantastical library in a decaying Empire. It is the story of a girl refusing to accept second best.

The Rival and the Rescue

While Samira anxiously awaits the Phoenix Designation Ceremony, her day-trip to the river beach doesn’t go as expected in this YA epic fantasy.

Read this prequel story to the Phoenix Empress series to learn more about Samira and Tajamar’s relationship prior to The Archivist and the Knife.

Publish date: 2nd October 2023

Book cover for the rival and the rescue by Clarissa Gosling

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The Archivist and the Knife

Refusing to accept a position under her childhood rival, Samira opts instead to leave the Tindersands Family and take on the role of Imperial Archivist. Thrown out of her home for her betrayal, she must learn more about the role she chose in anger. What had once been an important position, has languished in the decades the Phoenix throne has lain empty.

Tajamar can’t understand why she would throw away all she’s worked towards because he was chosen first. The golden boy of the Tindersands Family, Samira is the only person to ever challenge him or get on his nerves. Happy the thorn in his side has left, he looks forward to enjoying the favour of his new position.

Meanwhile, servants turn up missing their shadows, ignored by the five families battling each other for supremacy in their Council. The empty throne looms as the prize over them all. Both Samira and Tajamar hunt for an explanation. Can they trust each other for long enough to bring the truth to light?

Exploring the hidden archives, Samira must draw on all her skills to weave a way between the familial politics, crystal magic, and uncertain alliances. Finding herself at the centre of a conspiracy, she must call on friends and enemies to help save the Empire. Before stories that should never have been forgotten repeat themselves.

Publish date: 26th May 2024

Dragon Shift book cover

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The Archivist and the Feather

Forced to let Tajamar move in with her, Samira needs to find out who is behind the missing shadows before they attack the palace again.

Read the next thrilling installment in Samira and Tajamar’s story.

Publish date: 15th April 2025

Dragon Shift book cover

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