Expat life series

Non-fiction books about moving and living abroad as a family. These are both based on our experiences moving from the UK to the Netherlands, but are suitable for families with children of all ages and moving to all destinations. 

Moving abroad with children

Planning to move abroad with your family?

Clarissa blends stories of her own move from the UK to the Netherlands with tips and ideas to guide you through the process. She provides you with questions and points to consider and research when making your international move.

It covers:

  • What to do before you move;
  • Searching for somewhere to live;
  • When you first arrive;
  • Settling in;
  • Longer-term considerations.

This book is suitable for families with children of all ages and for all destinations.

Moving Abroad With Children

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Raising bilingual children: when school speaks a different language

Does your child speak a different language at school and home?

In this book Clarissa draws on her experience of sending her British children to a Dutch school to help you support your child through their education abroad. 

It covers:

  • Systems for separating when and where you use multiple languages;
  • Things to look for in different school systems;
  • How to work with your school to best support your child;
  • Possible issues specific to children of different ages, from babies to teenagers.

This book is suitable for families with children of all ages, whether they have just moved to a foreign language school or have been there for some time.

Raising Bilingual Children Book Cover

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