Here are details of the stories I have published in multi-author anthologies. Not all of these are still available.

Rise of Legends

Legends come in all shapes and sizes.

But they have one thing in common. They are all remembered long after they are gone.

Their origins are often shrouded in mystery. But now those mysteries will be revealed…

Enjoy this collection of gripping adventures, featuring six unique characters: a three-headed ogre; a dagger-wielding adviser to a prince; a reluctant delivery boy; a beautiful enchantress; an adventure loving princess; and a teenager with a secret identity.

Explore six fascinating realms, populated by dangerous creatures, brave allies, and ruthless enemies.

Authors Include:

Jamie Edmundson, KL Kolarich, Andrew Claydon, Demelza Carlton, AJ Ponder & Clarissa Gosling

 Publish date: 1st March 2024

Rise of legends boxset containing six full-length stories


Fae Fair


Available from:

Dracos: Fantasy Dragon Tales

Who doesn’t love a dragon?

Join us on fantastical journeys of love and friendship.

Face your greatest nightmares and live your wildest dreams.

First loves and forbidden romances mean a path of trial and error for these creatures and those who love them.

Get ready to take to the air and ride along with this limited edition collection of YA reads and unleash the power of the dragon within!

Authors Include:

Ashley Bríon; Cassie Greutman; Clarissa Gosling; Diana Dawn; Megan Grooms; Melinda R. Cordell; MK Mancos; September North; Skye Deva; Sofia Ann Hoffman; International Bestselling Author K.M. Jenkins

 Publish date: 3rd May 2022

Realms of Fae and Shadow book cover image


Dragon Valley: A Dragons of Kaitstud story

Available from:

 This anthology is no longer available. My story, Dragon Valley, is available within the Dragons of Kaitstud series omnibus.

Next Chapters Unleashed: A Beachy Anthology

Fifteen authors join forces with Unleashing the Next Chapter to produce a tantalizing compilation to satisfy your appetite for the sweet, the salty, and everything in between. This beachy anthology weaves the sea-changes of life with the faithfulness of canine companions in a blend of romance, mystery, and science fiction, crossing genres in a twist of other-worldly dimensions.

 A timid ghost follows a friendly beagle, hoping to find a forever home on Galveston’s beachfront. Determined women dive into wild ocean waves, convinced their lives will be infinitely better—if they can just make it safely to shore. Vacationers yearn for the courage to turn dream jobs into permanent opportunities. Surprises await inside staid museum walls. Magic abounds, pups play matchmaker, and families forge unbreakable links in the face of adversity.

 Each chapter in this summer read will keep you coming back for something fresh, something different, something to keep you on the edge of your beach chair. Or wherever you may be.

Publish date: 26th April 2022

Realms of Fae and Shadow book cover image


The Rival and the Rescue: A Phoenix Empress Prequel


Available from:

Fall into Fantasy 2021

Fall Into Fantasy returns with 15 tales spanning the breadth of fantasy. From captive dragons to a magical war, Demons and circus performers, fairies and ghosts, dwarves and genies, even a typical day in the life of an earthworm. Don’t miss a single entertaining, exciting tale.

FALL INTO FANTASY 2021 features:

Shane Porteous “Gathering Genocide”
Barend Nieuwstraten III “Hearthshare”
Alex Minns “The Concealed Witness”
Andrew McGregor “Demon Dave: Dinner Time”
Joanne Blondin “Astounding Performances”
James Pyles “Theo Klaggorn, Private Detective”
Anstice Brown “Beneath The Roots”
J. C. Pillard “Three Drops In The Snow”
Linda M. Crate “Flight Of The Fae”
Matthew McKiernan “The Each-Uisge”
Jabe Stafford “Dead Next Door”
Clarissa Gosling “The Genie Of The Ring”
R. A. Clarke “The Brightening”
R. A. Meenan “Some Things Remain”
Marsheila Rockwell “Play It Again, Sem”


Publish date: 21st September 2021

Realms of Fae and Shadow book cover image


The Genie of the Ring


Available from:

Realms of Fae and Shadow

Enchanted forests.
Deadly bargains.
Welcome to the magic of Faerie.

Realms of Fae and Shadow is a breathtaking fantasy anthology featuring eight exclusive tales. Discover magic, romance, and betrayal as you lose yourself in the faerie world…

Can a human girl rescue a cursed fae prince before she’s shackled to a dull mortal life?

When the heir to the Unseelie Court is confronted with an unsettling fate, does he embrace the dark magic of the crown or turn his back on duty forever?

A fae princess is set to inherit a kingdom… only to discover devastating secrets lurking beneath the legacy of her throne.

Experience these stories (and more!) unfold as you journey through a portal to Faerie where danger meets beauty and the darkest shadows face the light.

If you love brooding royals, glittering courts, and fierce heroines, then you’ll adore this dazzling selection.

REALMS OF FAE AND SHADOW is a limited edition collection featuring stories by:
Stacey Trombley
Kay L Moody
Clarissa Gosling
Tessonja Odette
Joanna Reeder, USA Today Bestselling Author
Alison Ingleby, USA Today Bestselling Author
Valia Lind, USA Today Bestselling Author
Hanna Sandvig

Publish date: September 12th 2020

Realms of Fae and Shadow book cover image


Fae Bargains: A Lost Princess of Starlight Prequel

Available from:

This anthology is no longer available. My story, Fae Bargains, is available free for newsletter subscribers.

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