Dragons of Kaitstud

Dragons of Kaitstud is an epic fantasy series starring shifters and dragons in a world where music is magical. It is the story of a girl searching for her family and finding more than she ever expected.

Dragon Storm

Nikulas, like his brothers, hates hiding the fact that dragons still exist. But their mother keeps them inside their hidden valley, away from the humans who hunted and killed the rest of her family. The longer their sister stays away, the more the peaks circling them feel like a cage.

One day, Nikulas can take it no longer and flies over the mountains, determined to find her. But the world beyond their valley is wider than he’d expected. And his presence isn’t as unnoticed as he assumed.

In this prequel to the Dragons of Kaitstud series, follow Nikulas as he triggers Varvaara’s fears, demonstrating to all of the continent that the dragons survived.

Publish date: 15th September 2023

Book cover for Dragon Storm by Clarissa Gosling

Dragon Shift

A dragon-sized secret.
A life-changing test.

On the continent of Kaitstud, dragons are feared and thought extinct. The four clans who now rule the continent condemn and slaughter any hints of dragons.

In her sixteenth summer Birgith must face her manifestation test with all the others of her age. The test will prove her ability and solidify her place with the Bear Clan that has raised her.

There’s just one problem.

Birgith might shift into a bear… But she could also end up a dragon. And if that happens, she’ll end up dead and the four clans of Kaitstud will hunt and slaughter the family she’s never met.

But when the test comes, she is unable to shift at all. She is exiled and classed as a lowly human. Trapped and alone, she fears never being able to escape or find out who she really is.

A group of travelling traders provide a way out, but she is unsure how much trust them. Will they help her with her search, or be the first to join the hunt? Birgith needs to decide before it is too late.

Part bear, part dragon, part human. Is Birgith destined to be an outcast mongrel? Or will her diversity be the answer Kaitstud has been searching for?

Dragon Shift is the first in an exciting new epic fantasy series for young adult readers who love dragons, adventure and strong female characters.

Publish date: 17th December 2020

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Dragon Shift book cover

Dragon Heir

Accused of theft.
Determined to prove her innocence.
Split between the two sides of her family, where does Birgith’s allegiance lie?

The Bear Clan crystal is missing and everyone blames Birgith. Now, she must choose whether to stay, and attempt to clear her name, or run and hide with her dragon brothers.

When a new enemy threatens to destroy everything she loves, Birgith decides to take matters into her own hands. But what can one girl do against the new Clan Leader Regent?

Haydn thought he had a future with Birgith. But when she leaves him behind, he thinks all hope is lost. Then her brothers make him an offer he can’t refuse – a chance to prove himself and win back the girl he loves.

Can these star-struck lovers find a way to save the clan and each other?

Continue Birgith’s epic fantasy adventure full of magic, political intrigue and slow-burn romance.

Publish date: 30th November 2021 

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Dragon Queen

Old enemies rise.
New foes emerge.
The final reckoning is here.⁣

Birgith struggles to be taken seriously as the new Bear Leader. She longs to disappear to the secret valley, but her duty is to those she represents… even if the other Clan Leaders prefer to deal with her deposed aunt instead. ⁣

Then another dragon is spotted — an invader from beyond the seas.

⁣⁣Birgith must find a way to defend Kaitstud from more dragons, without forfeiting the safety of her own dragon family in the process.⁣⁣

When circumstances force Haydn and Birgith apart, Haydn must take drastic action to secure their future. If he doesn’t earn the clans’ respect, he’ll become the worthless human they assume he is.

Will they learn to stand up for each other in order to save Kaitstud together, or will the clans, and their relationship, splinter apart around them?⁣

Read the thrilling conclusion to Birgith & Haydn’s tale and the continent of Kaitstud, with betrayals, intrigue, and twists and turns along the way.

Publish date: 26th October 2022

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Dragons of Kaitstud omnibus

Everyone believes dragons are extinct. But Birgith of the Bear Clan has a dangerous secret. Her sixteenth summer will bring the manifestation test. If she takes after her father and shifts into a bear she’ll be trapped in the Bear Clan, spending her life in whatever role they assign her. But if she takes after her mother she’ll not only endanger her own life, she’ll trigger a hunt for her hidden dragon family.

She never even considered the third option. That she wouldn’t shift at all and be exiled from everything she’s ever known as a despised human.

A chance encounter brings her freedom in the form of a trading caravan and Haydn, the trader’s son who she befriends. But how much can she trust them, and how much would she lose in order to find the dragon family she’s always dreamt of meeting?

With a cast of clan members, traders, and musicians wielding magic, Birgith needs to learn where her loyalties lie and who she can trust to help. On her journey across Kaitstud, she meets new friends, old adversaries, and has to choose where she belongs.

This coming of age story features a sweet friends to lovers romance during an exploration searching for hidden royalty. Suitable for fans of Sarah KL Wilson and Kay L Moody.

Publish date: 5th December 2023


Dragons of Kaitstud omnibus cover

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