…fantasy worlds

Phoenix Empress

Phoenix Empress is an epic fantasy series starring crystal magic and a fantastical library in a decaying Empire. It is the story of a girl refusing to accept second best.

Book cover for the rival and the rescue by Clarissa Gosling

Dragons of Kaitstud

Dragons of Kaitstud is a young adult epic fantasy series starring shifters and dragons in a world where music is magical. It is the story of a girl searching for her family and finding more than she ever expected.

Book cover for Dragon Storm by Clarissa Gosling
Dragon's Heir book cover

Lost Princess of Starlight

Lost Princess of Starlight is a young adult epic fantasy series about a girl who finds her way into the faery realm, where nothing is as it seems.

Fae Bargains book cover
Fae Fair book cover
Fae Secrets book cover

As well as my novel series I have various short stories available, and I have been part of some multi-author anthologies.

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