W is for wellus Welus and nietus are often shouted back and forth between the children in a "yes it is", "No it isn't" fashion. I'm already tired of it and I'm sure it will continue for some years. Any tips for minimising this behaviour greatly appreciated!


V is for vervelent and verlegen These are two words which I have to really concentrate to get the right way round: vervelent is bad (as in badly behaved) and verlegen is shy. I'm sure one day I will get these the wrong way round and describe my shy child as bad!


T is for tachtig and twijfelen Tachtig means eighty and I think that it is unique in Western European languages for the particular sounds combination that it uses. Unfortunately I can't find the details of it now. SO if anyone knows what I'm talking about please comment and let me know! Twijfelen is to doubt,... Continue Reading →

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