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With the beginning of the new year means a new start. A new set of goals and plans to follow. Ina previous post I went through the top level of what my goals are for this year. Behind that I have a more detailed plan which says what I want to achieve every day.

How are you setting yourself up for success?

One big change I’m making this year, to hopefully set myself up for success, is to change the order I’m doing things so that I write first. There is always a never ending list of things to do, so even though crossing things off that gives a sense of achievement, I’m prioritising my writing. This should help me keep making progress with my draft, and then when I’ve met my daily target I can work through the other activities.

Goals are one thing, but they have to have a plan behind them that is made up of small steps. I made my plan following Sarra Cannon at Heart Breathing’s writing plan for the year, and what she emphasises is adding in a couple of buffer days each month. So my plan has lots of space (I hope!) including taking all school holidays and every Sunday off as well as some extra days for those unexpected things that pop up unexpectedly.

Now the exciting thing is to see how well I follow it!

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