a mixed bag compressedOver last winter I released four short stories. Those are now unpublished and I am putting those, together with a least four others, into a collection. This is called A mixed bag, and is available to pre-order before it is published on November 28th.

These are the eight short stories that will definitely be in the collection, I have two others I am finalising to include as well.

The weaver’s daughter: A fairy tale about making friends with the monsters next door.

What Jack found: When your son finds a fairy in the garden do you release him to potentially hostile forces, or risk your family to keep him safe?

Awakening Iorwen: A sleeping beauty re-telling set against the consolidation of Roman rule in Wales.

A lakeside meeting: Bernard is on the run from the hybrid butterflies he developed to interface with your brain.

In the box: Two students find a mysterious growing box in their office.

We need to talk: How can Damian absolve his guilt over the accident that crippled his sister?

Spook school: There’s something different about the school next door, but it’s not what Josephine expects.

The husband test: An unexpected package ruins everything.

Pre-order now – paperbacks available on publication.

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