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The big news from over the summer publishing wise is that my two books (Moving abroad with children and Raising bilingual children: when school speaks a different language) are now available in hardcopy.

It’s really exciting to actually have them in my hands, and be able to show them to people when they visit me. Apologies though as I am making everyone who comes to my house look at them! I’m just too proud of them to not do that.

[Practical note: While the ebooks are available across Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple and others, as well as Amazon, the paperbacks are only available through Amazon. At least for now!]

Over the summer I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and planning, for where I see my author career going. And what I need to do to get there. Part of that has also been looking at this site; both what I put up on here and how it is set up. I feel I need to do a radical overhaul of how it is laid out, though I’m not in a rush to that straightaway as it’s not my top priority right now. Do keep an eye out for things changing as the will give hints for where I’m heading.

I’m also going to drop down to two posts a month – one in my series on self-publishing and one on something else. While I like having this blog, as a place to write whatever I feel like, it’s not really serving anything else. So as I have too many things to do anyway, between the house, family, and writing novels, I am going to cut back on here.

I’ve also completely changed which novels I’m working on. So my sci-fi story is going on the back burner, as there were too many things about the beginning and the set-up that I was struggling with, and I’m now working on two fantasy stories. I’m sure I will share more about those in due course.

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