Book launch!

NF Book launch.png

Today is launch day for “Moving abroad with children” and “Raising bilingual children: when school speaks a different language“. Both these books are based on our experience moving from the UK and now living in the Netherlands. Writing them has been a valuable experience, as it has made me realise how much things have changed over the last five years. Now I wonder where we will be five years from now!

My hope is that these books will be valuable to a wide range of experiences. I have tried to write them as a range of points for you to consider, and to research further yourself, rather than giving you all the answers. They should give you questions to think about, as well as tips for how to manage and apply this to your own situation.

Both books are available electronically on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and beyond. This is my first experience publishing books beyond Amazon, so I am interested to see how that goes. The links above (& below) go to a page where you can choose which store you want to go to.

At the moment both books are reduced in price – they will go up in a few days, so buy them now before that happens!

Moving abroad with children

Raising bilingual children: when school speaks a different language

Paperbacks will be coming soon!

(And if you haven’t got my short stories yet, they are all free this weekend to celebrate the release of my two expat books.)


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