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I am working hard getting my two books on moving and living abroad ready for publication. These are “Moving abroad with children” and “Raising bilingual children: when school speaks a different language”. They are both rooted in our experience moving from the UK to the Netherlands nearly five years ago, though I am trying to make them applicable whatever pair of countries you move between. I am doing this by making them more a series of things to look for and questions to ask yourself rather than going into step by step lists of what you have to do.

I have sent the manuscripts to a small number of friends to beta read them for me, and they’ve come back with mainly positive comments, with a list of things to think about or do differently. I feel really blessed to have those people I could ask to help, and with the quality (& quantity) of what they’ve given back to me. I’m still working my way through all their points and they will be much better books for their input.

They have already got some pre-orders (which is incredibly exciting!) so I really need to get them done before the date I’ve set for them. The publication date will be June 13th and I plan to put the price up shortly after. So order it now to guarantee the cheapest price!

Links to pre-order are all on “My non-fiction books“. And expect to hear more about these books in the next month!

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