Luke is Jack’s father in “What Jack found”. He is sceptical and down to earth. He knows his wife is interested in magic, but doesn’t want his son being brought up to believe any of that. He gets angry when promises are broken, even when there are extenuating circumstances.

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Louisa is a character from my story “We need to talk”. She is disabled after a car accident and in a wheelchair. She loves bright colours and loud music. She enjoys painting and lives in a community of other handicapped adults. This has been published in Short Fiction Break and in the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities Pen2Paper writing competition.

Lionel is the Captain’s ten year old son on Beagle 3 in “Meeting the Galactic Congregation”. He is in awe that he was allowed to go into space on this mission and wants to make the most of it. He can be quite stubborn, which is why he smuggled his pet mouse aboard without anyone else knowing. Which was, in the end, the thing that saves them.

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