Bernard and Bastet are both from my story “A lakeside meeting”.

Bernard is career-orientated and dedicated to his work as a neurotechnologist. He is the world expert on brain-interfacing. He is consumed by the challenge of using hybrid electrical butterflies to connect through your eye and change your brain circuitry. But recently he’s started to worry what West Neurotechnology are doing with his work.

Bastet is a large black cat who may or may not be an embodiment of the Egyptian goddess Bastet. She is intelligent and protects those who she has adopted.

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Bryn is from my story “Awakening Iorwen”. He is the adopted son of the Demetae clan chief and is betrothed to their daughter. He has shoulder length dark hair, generally scraped back into a top-knot, but sometimes hanging loose in straggly waves. He is impulsive and adventurous, and incredibly supportive to those he is close to.

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Prince Buttercup is from my story “What Jack found”. He is a fairy Prince exploring the human world who gets more than he’d bargained for. He’s only a few centimetres tall and his voice is too high for humans to understand.

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Bedri is from my story “The weaver’s daughter”. Now he’s turned thirteen he works with his father looking after the sheep. Then his friend asks him to help her with a terrifying job, that may save them all from the monster living next door.

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Boris is the mouse in the scif-fi story I’m currently writing. The current title is “Meeting the Galactic Congregation”. He has a very pivotal role throughout the story, though he’s just a mouse so I’m not sure what else to say specifically about him. I should have more news about this story later in the year.

Names beginning with B seem to be most common in my stories! Though I’m not sure why.

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