For the next month and a bit there will be a short interlude in my normal blog posts, as rather than posting every Monday with a longish post about whatever I feel like that week I am doing the A to Z blog challenge. So every weekday during the month of April I will write a short post going through the letters of the alphabet. Last year I did this on Dutch words I liked.

This year I’m going to do something completely different and write about different characters in the stories I’ve written and am in the process of writing. This will include the four books I have currently listed for sale on Amazon (or in Kindle Unlimited) as well as a couple of other pieces that are published in other places. It will also include characters from the YA sci-fi novel I’m currently writing, as well as a couple from the book I plan to write after that one. Not that I’m getting ahead of myself here!

It’s been an interesting process to look at what names I choose for my characters – names beginning with J & B are most popular overall. I’m pleased I’ve got all the letters of the alphabet covered, though having a story with aliens in does make that easier as I can just make names up. The general advice is to make sure that you don’t have characters in the same story with names starting with the same letter, so that it’s easier for your readers to remember who is who. And when you’re writing multiple stories you don’t want characters with the same name, as then you can get confused between them.

I hope you enjoy this look at what I think about my characters and how I create them as well as a bit of a peek into what I’m working on that’s yet to be released. And then in May we can go back to non-fiction and and a count-down to release day!

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