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Over the last few months I have been working on a secret project. Beyond hints that I have been working on something I haven’t announce this. My newsletter found out first (sign up to my newsletter) and I am pleased to announce that I have two non-fictions titles available now to pre-order. I am super excited to have worked with Jonas from Steger Productions on the covers for these and I’m so pleased with how they came out.

Publication for both titles is planned for 13th June 2019, and (assuming it all goes to plan) they will be available in paperback too.

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Moving abroad with children

Planning to move abroad with your family? Then this book will guide you through the process. Clarissa blends stories of her own move from the UK to the Netherlands with tips and ideas to provide you with questions and areas to consider and research when making your international move.

It covers what you need to do before you move, when you first arrive in your new country, and some longer term considerations. This book is suitable for families with children of all ages and for all destinations.


Available to pre-order (affliate links):

bilingual compressedRaising bilingual children: when school speaks a different language

Do your children speak a different language at school and home? Then this book will help support you and your children through their education. Clarissa draws on her experience of sending her British children to a Dutch school to help you

It covers some general points on learning multiple languages,, and then it looks at school systems and goes through possible issues specific to children of different ages, from babies to teenagers. This book is suitable for families with children of all ages, whether they have just moved to a foreign language school or have been there for some time.

Available to pre-order (affiliate links):

These will be available on other platforms and I will update the page on my non-fiction books with new links when I get them. If there’s a platform you would like to see my books available on then let me know and I will investigate how I can do that.

I plan to do a price promotion at launch, and (if they’re ready in time) to launch them earlier than the listed date if the 13th June 2019. If you pre-order it now then you will automatically get it at the lowest price as soon as it is published without having to keep an eye out for any notifications from me!

This page contains affiliate links – using them won’t cost you anything but I will get a small bonus for referring you.

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