One of the things I enjoy doing is cooking. I love baking, and making meals from scratch. My Mum us an awesome cook, and growing up we were privileged to  have good quality and varied food, which is something I emulate in my family. But I never really started cooking myself til I left home and went to University. And then developed that once I had a family to feed too.

One of the things I like about cooking is fiddling with recipes and trying to do something different. Looking back at what I did in the past and trying to improve on that. I must admit that I write in cookbooks when I follow it and feel that I can tweak it. This makes it easy to look back and see what I could change.

The story that is launching today is the first one I wrote when I started actually writing, rather than talking about it. I wrote most of the first draft into a notebook in the cafe of a soft play centre in Normandy in August 2016. Now, this story is one that’s been percolating in the back of my brain for many years before that. I couldn’t even tell you when I first had the idea of hybrid electrical butterflies.

Preparing this story for publication has been a fantastic exercise, as unexpectedly it has shown me how far I have come as a writer. I had a whole paragraph where every sentence began with He, I never actually named the main character, I barely described anything. There were so many things I could look at and identify to edit. While that meant there was alot to do it was satisfying. I’m sure that there are still tons of things that I still need to work on, but it was a reminder to also look back to see how far I’d come.

And with that I hope that you enjoy this story!

A lakeside meeting compressed

A lakeside meeting

Bernard is shunned at work and threatened that Monday he will think differently. He has spent twenty years working as a neurotechnologist and now his hybrid butterflies are being used against him. To force him to agree to their use being put on the open market. They are linked to his DNA, so he can’t run or hide. All he can do is find the perfect waiting place for his acquisition.


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