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I find the beginning of the school year is always a good time to re-evaluate what I’m doing. To assess where I am in my plans and to realign them with where I am and where I want to go to. This year, as part of that I have been fleshing out my reasons for writing. And I’ve come up with three main reasons why I want to write, and succeed at setting up my author business.

Firstly, is to support my family. The header image on my blog says “Writer and Home-maker” as both parts are important to me. Writing for me is a way I can provide for my family, while also having the flexibility to be at home for my children and take part in their activities. I can volunteer to help at school and not worry about asking my boss if that’s ok. I can fit my writing around everyone else’s schedule. And I can be a positive role model to my children, I can show them how to work hard and achieve results.

Secondly, is to push myself; to find out what I can achieve. To reach the edges of possibility for me. Creating characters and worlds and threading a story through them is a great challenge to do well. I want to keep improving. To keep working on finding ways to speak to the heart of those who read my work. I don’t think I will ever be done with this and I find that so exciting.

Lastly, is to write what I would have liked to read as a teenager. My early teens were not happy years. I used to spend all my free time hidden in the school library, reading. I devoured Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey, Michael Moorcock and many more. Fantasy stories were my escape. So I want to write stories that that younger me would have loved to read, that would have given her confidence and inspired her. And that I hope will do the same for people in a similar situation now.

Now, with this clarified vision and purpose I can go out there and rock on with my writing. I want to finish the first draft of the story I’m writing and get the first draft of my next book finished before Christmas. That is a tough deadline to meet, so I’d better get cracking!

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