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My biggest childhood regret is that I never learned how to cartwheel properly. My legs never go straight over me and I end up in a heap at the end, as I don’t land on my feet again. Not that I’ve tried in years.¬†Why didn’t I learn to cartwheel? Lots of my friends at school could and spent most of their lunchtimes doing them. I chose to do other things. Climbing trees, playing on the concrete pipes, running round, pretending to be horses. But it’s the cartwheeling that sticks in my mind.

If I could go back, would I change it? I’m not sure. I’d rather focus on what I can do now. I have no desire to learn now. I’m not interested in turning upside down.¬†Regrets are something you learn to live with. Somehow, over time my ability to cartwheel, or not, has started preying on my mind. It’s a symbol of all the things I didn’t do in my childhood. All the opportunities I never took as I grew older.

I hope that I can learn from this and take what opportunities come my way. What childhood regrets do you have, and how have they inspired you?




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