This summer I want to try and do the activities that the children want to do – let them lead in choosing, and executing what we do each day. Or at least as much as I can. I have ideas, but I’m going to try not to push those. Ideally we want to have a mix of daytrips, doing stuff at home, and seeing friends. Though co-ordinating seeing friends might be tricky depending on how our holidays align, or don’t. And then all the normal, getting on with life things, like cleaning, food shopping, and cooking need to be fitted in too.

Both of my children love arts and craft, so I’m sure we will do lots of making things, painting and drawing. I just need to button up my feeling that they are wasting all these things, and the sheer amount of paper that gets used. The process, and enjoying it, is what’s important. Not the end product.

We’ve made a list of possible places to visit, and the top one is the beach, so I need to decide if we go for the Ijsselmeer, or the longer journey to the Atlantic coast. And then work out how to get there without a car!

And of course keeping up with reading and writing is also important. I have bought all four of us a “summer notebook”, and plan for us to sit down every day and fill a least a page with writing and drawing. Rocket boy loves reading (just like his mummy!) and often needs to be dragged away from his books, but he finds writing harder. While starry girl is really enthusiastic about writing at the moment and will spend hours copying letters. I am hopeful that these notebooks will be a success, and not a chore that I have to force the children to do every day. Fingers crossed!


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