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What’s the first thing you do when you have a new house? Go round the garden and identify what new plants you have, of course! (Well, actually first we picked the ripe fruits and have even made our first batch of homemade jam and relish from it.)

We are lucky to have bought a house with a mature garden – it was the pride and joy of the family we’ve bought it from, and that shows in it. Some of the plants we know, whereas others we are working out what they are. Luckily we were told that one of the vines was a kiwi (in the photo above), as that would have taken a long time to work out otherwise! I’ve never seen a kiwi vine before, so I am looking forward to it fruiting later in the year.

We’ve also been using iSpot to identify things we were uncertain of. This is a site where you can upload photos and a description of what you’ve seen and then specialists help identify what it is. The few things we haven’t been able to identify ourselves and have put up on the site have been quickly identified by people on there, so I would recommend the site if you’re interested. It is for all types of animals and birds as well as plants.

Now we have the challenge of maintaining the garden, so I must be off to look after it!

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