My Mum gave me some hexagons that she’d paper pieced years ago and had then been sitting in a cupboard since then. Today I took them out of my cupboard and started playing around with different patterns and designs. In the end all I managed to sew together was these nine hexagons. And plan how the others might go together, if I ever sit down to do some more soon enough!

But the piecing together of different pieces made me think about the different parts of my life and how I put those together. My husband, my children, my parents, my sister, my in-laws, my friends, my house, my music, my craft, my writing – these are the pieces of my life. And I’m lucky that I can choose how to fit them in. To a certain extent anyway!

I have always found the poem that life is a weaving spoke to me and this process reminded me of it again. I truly believe that we have been brought here to the Netherlands and that God is at work in easing our new move. Things that we anticipated being difficult, and taking time, are either not needed or happening sooner. It’s still early in the process, and I’m sure there will be hurdles on the way, but I have faith.

Maybe I’ll even manage to finish this patchwork whatever-it-ends-up-being before we move. Now, that would be a miracle!

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