I didn’t win. But it showed me how much I can write. Though writing fast became my focus, not writing well. I know there are things I will have to edit because I didn’t stop to check or look things up.
But in a month I wrote over half of a novel. It’s so much easier when you’ve outlined and know what you’re doing in each scene, who the characters are and where it is set. In fact I could have done more detailed plans before I started!
We unexpectedly agreed to buy a house during April too, which meant I had other things to focus on. Multiple visits to the property, sorting out finances and mortgages, agreeing and signing the contract, arranging architects and plans for the renovations all took time from my writing. And overseeing the work and preparing to move will take up a fair chunk of time over the next however long too. But I still want to write so I will continue to make time every day to write. Though I don’t plan to do NaNoWriMo again.

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