A-Z Blog Challenge

L is for leuk or lekker

Both of these words are highly used here. Leuk means nice or good, and is a very handy response to almost everything.

“What did you do at the weekend?”

“Oh, leuk!”

Lekker is yummy, so if you eat something good you’d say it was lekker. Though it can also be applied to anything physical. Children are often put to bed with the words slaap lekker, or sleep well.


  1. I found this new (to me) word very interesting. As a native English speaker,the first association to “leuk” I make is leukemia–not very good at all. The I get to wondering where the roots diverge–I know Dutch is not a romance language, but past that I am no match for my “classics major, knows-the-root-of-every-word-in-the-world” husband (who is amazingly useful when solving cryptic crosswords). So I will just take your word for it, and wish you a leuk weekend.

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