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D is for dag; doekje; and doosje

Dag is a general greeting. Literally it means day, but it’s used as both Hi and Bye. So it’s a very useful word to know.

When we were first here and I was starting to learn Dutch we were once in a cafe (or lunchroom) and something was spilled. I went up to the counter to ask for a cloth to wipe it up, and I decided to ask for it in Dutch as I felt I could do this.

I said, “Heeft u een doosje alsublieft?”

The lady behind the counter looked very confused at me. We’d been there a few times before and she knew that we were English. So I repeated my question. As she was still confused I switched to English to explain that we’d spilt a drink and I wanted to wipe it up.

Her response was: “Oh, een doekje!”, and she handed me a cloth.

Yes, I’d asked for a small box rather than a cloth!

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