Writing letters

Rocket boy is now starting to learn how to do joined-up writing. He’s so excited about it, and does the hooks and flicks on the top and bottom of each letter with such care. I have to be careful not to tell him the right way to do it, as I know that not all the letters are taught the same way here as they are in the UK. The small letter r for example is written almost backwards to my eyes (as in the photo). And the number 8 they draw from the middle down first and then the top loop.

He takes such delight in his learning, and has even started insisting on reading starry girl’s bedtime story. It’s such a delight to watch. He is just entering into this world of imagination – books were (and still are) such a part of my childhood that it’s great to see him enjoying the same. Of course his reading in Dutch is ahead of his reading in English, so we are also learning about the next level of Dutch books with which to interest him to read further. Dolfje Weerwolfje is a current favourite with all of us. It’s also available translated to English as Alfie the Werewolf. And obviously many English classics are translated into Dutch, but that seems cheating somehow!


  1. Cursive writing was disappearing from public schools in the States–people said kids didn’t need it any more because they could keyboard–BUT (LOL) then concern arose because young adults were turning up to vote or buy a car or register for something and they could NOT sign their names. So I hear some rethinking is going on and cursive is slowly coming back into the curriculum. I”m happy about this because I believe there’s brain research that writing helps our brains encode what we are learning. When I taught first grade, I used to tell my kids if you can write it, you own it.

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