Again we have had our stockings hanging on the wall for Sinterklaas and advent, with an activity to do every day. Here is what we’ve done this year:

Sat 18 Sinterklaas arrive
Sun 19 See Sinterklaas in Bussum, put shoes out
Mon 20 smile at everyone today and look for ways to help
Tues 21 make a handprint christmas wreath for the door
Wed 22 put shoes out
Thurs 23 choose toys to donate
Fri 24 treasure hunt
Sat 25 put shoes out
Sun 26 make photo for our Christmas card
Mon 27 preschool trip to Sinterklaas’ slaapkamer
Tues 28 make biscuits for neighbours
Wed 29 put shoes out & take shoes to school/psz
Thurs 30 put coins on the parking meters
Fri 1 think of things you’re grateful for
Sat 2 put shoes out
Sun 3 buy Christmas tree
Mon 4 preschool Sinterklaasfeest
Tues 5 school Sinterklaasfeest, pakjesavond & Grandpa arrive
Wed 6 buy Christmas tree
Thurs 7 sing carols
Fri 8 make paper strip Christmas trees
Sat 9 put up Christmas decorations
Sun 10 ice skating
Mon 11 read Christmas story and act it out
Tues 12 shop for food bank
Wed 13 Granny & Grandad arrive
Thurs 14 make paper cone Christmas trees
Fri 15 make paper chains
Sat 16 make gingerbread house
Sun 17 Mummy’s concert
Mon 18 tell silly jokes to make everyone laugh
Tues 19 make Christmas cards for teachers
Wed 20 kerst knutselen and christmas dinners
Thurs 21 school christmas service
Fri 22 make mince pies
Sat 23 popcorn & christmas film
Sun 24 visit museum

Anyone looking closely will spot that “buy a christmas tree” is listed twice, as we didn’t manage to do it on the first day. And our gingerbread tree was a real fusion item, as it was covered in Sinterklaas sweets, as that was what we had!

This year will be the last with the two children doing different things, as once starry girl is at school they will both be away from me more but also they will both be here at the same times and have more similar schedules.

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