Before rocket boy started school I heard about the idea of lunchbox notes – where you pack a short note in with your child’s lunchbox so they know that you’re thinking of them during the day.

Lunchbox notes

I tried it out first with my husband, who was amused but still thought it was weird! And now (most days!) they both get a note in with their lunch. I’m not quite sure what my husband’s colleagues think of it, but rocket boy gives his away to his friends at lunchtime. So they now have collections of them at home!

I found some free to download on the internet, but as rocket boy couldn’t read (and would start to read in Dutch anyway) I couldn’t use them. So I bought a set of stampers and put two or three on a small piece of paper for each of them. I guess now rocket boy is starting to learn to read I should start writing words on them… though I’ll have to make them, as I don’t think there are any free Dutch printables!

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