Our summer holiday this year was a whirlwind tour around the UK visiting family, seeing friends and cramming in some British culture. It was lovely to see those we did meet up with, though a shame not to catch all those we missed. We saw castles, houses, gardens, and a circus as well as seeing a few places where we used to live. I think the circus was the children’s favourite. Rocket boy has even started to jump off basket swings pretending to be an acrobat.

One thing I found surprisingly difficult to do though was have a cream tea. I tried three times at different places and either they had run out of clotted cream (no, I don’t want it with butter – I’ll have cake instead) or had no more scones. Fortunately my father-in-law came to the rescue and worked out where we could go. So I did manage to get a proper cream tea during our visit.


Though sorry Mum I do eat my cream tea the Devonian way!

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