(Bijna) geslaagd!

I’ve got my Dutch exam results back and while I passed the reading, listening and writing parts I missed the speaking one by two points. I’m really gutted I was so close! So now I need to work out a time to re-take it. Many thanks to Kiki for all the help and support to do the exams. And to everyone else I talk to in Dutch! 

One related Dutch tradition I like is that when a child finishes secondary school and passes their exams they hang their school bag on their flagpole outside their house. Along with the Dutch flag. So at results time you walk down the road and see who has passed. So no more nervous questions about results. And yes most houses have a flagpole! 


  1. I don’t know Clari. I’d say if you can write, read, and hear Dutch correctly, that seems like enough. Speaking? Well, perhaps you’ll just be a “quiet person” in some situations.😄

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