Rocket boy has been on at me for ages to get him a fidget spinner. Lots of the children in his class have them, some more than one. But I’m a bit wary of them as I’ve seen horror stories online about them falling apart, or children getting their fingers stuck in the holes. So I haven’t got him one. Then the other day we were messing about with Lego and I remembered seeing pictures of a Lego spinner made by someone (I think it was this post I had seen) and I decided to give it a try. Ours didn’t work out exactly the same as we didn’t have quite the same pieces as they used.

homemade spinners

One benefit of having multiple lego helicopters is that they come with a good piece for going in the middle of a spinner! I think that they came out quite well, and starry girl insisted I made one (smaller) for her too. So now we have joined the club of spinners. My husband thinks they are even more pointless than yo-yos. So he’s not going to get one…me on the other hand, I haven’t quite decided!

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