I started my first wordpress blog in August 2007, so I’m now marking my tenth anniversary. Though I did have a different blog before that which has now disappeared. So I’m not sure exactly how long I have been blogging, but at least ten years. I’ve also encouraged both my dad and my husband to start a blog on WordPress.

Initially it was mainly work based, but with some personal posts mixed in. Getting married meant I changed the url, and since we’ve been lucky enough to have children the proportion of personal related posts has increased. Stopping working and moving abroad has shifted the focus of what I write and I’ve struggled to clarify exactly what I’m trying to write here. Most of the time it’s just for myself, though obviously also as a way to stay in touch with people back in the UK and let them know what we’re up to. I try to keep information about my children especially to a minimum, while also being aware that the blog is read by family who want to know what we’re doing. It can be a difficult balance to keep.

Although the blog has been going a while my posting has been intermittent at best. Especially since we had children. Partly due to lack of time and partly due to lack of focus. I’m still not entirely sure what this blog is about, other than things that interest me enough to write about. I have been trying this year especially to post more frequently again, and have been mostly successful so far. I also have a whole list of things I want to write about. These are in the areas of life in the Netherlands, family life, writing and me. These are quite general subjects though, so I’m sure I can fit most things under one or other of those topics if I want to.

Hopefully as I write more frequently it will get read more, and I will stop feeling like I am shouting into the wind so much. Looking at the statistics of which posts get read is a bit like getting stuck down a rabbit hole. One interesting thing is that some of my old work related posts, especially the bibliometrics one, are still coming up in search engines and still being read.

I like to think that my blogging has developed over the last ten years. I certainly seem to have a higher average word length now than when I started. And I hope that I am more reflective and less descriptive.

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