We have a set routine of weekly Skype sessions arranged so that both sets of grandparents can read the children their bedtime story. And they read a book which we also have a copy of, so we can look at it while they are reading. The children seem to really enjoy it and are also keen to show off things while we’re talking. There are two unexpected side effects of this:

Firstly, as we use the TV for Skype rocket boy wants to show things to whatever else we’re watching on TV. So Sesamstraat gets all sorts of toys waved at it 😉

Secondly, starry girl is much happier to see her grandparents in person than rocket boy was at this age. He was always shy for a bit before running off to play with them, whereas she isn’t shy at all as she sees them weekly on the TV. It is a real delight to see her run up to them on arrival with such a big grin on her face.

And for my wider circle of friends how would I have done without Facebook?!? Though I’m realising more and more that it only gives the illusion of knowing what’s going on with other people. I am not very good at keeping up with those I don’t see regularly, so those of you who I have done (so far!) are definitely in the minority. Not because I don’t care, just that somehow in person conversations don’t seem to convert into another media. At least not with me. I am in awe of people who manage it 🙂

Then of course any trip back to the UK becomes a whirlwind of how many people can we fit in to see in person. It’s a balancing act between quantity of people and quality of time together, limited by trying to keep the children on as similar a routine to home as possible. My “can we come and see you for dinner/lunch on this day and can we eat at such and such a time?” request is, I know, a bit presumptuous, but cranky, hungry, tired children aren’t fun to be around.

I’m not quite sure what my point is with this so I’m going to stop now. Tot ziens

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