Dutch things

Some expected and unexpected things about living in the Netherlands:

  • The wall kitchen cupboards are too high for me to reach without a step
  • Cars give way to bikes (& pedestrians) at roundabouts
  • When you go into a waiting room (eg at the doctor) you say hello to everyone already in there
  • You congratulate people for their friends’ and family’s birthdays 
  • For their birthday children are made a paper crown

  • Stairs are very steep and narrow
  • You need different cheese slicers for different types of cheese (old or young?!?)

  • They are really into DIY: “You need a plug socket by your meter. Your husband can do it.” “Just get another cooker hood from Gamma, they slot in.” 
  • My husband buys me flowers 🙂


  1. Hi Clari, just came across your blog via a Twitter comment and have spent a fascinating 30 mins reading through. What an adventure and good luck to you all. We moved to Ringwood in Dorset on retirement so have had to get out there too but at least it’s all in English (Dorset sometimes!). I had a few enquiries for library consultancy but nothing transpired so my time is taken up with being a trustee for NWR a women’s charity. All the training at the OU has come in useful! I also enjoy my garden, walking, holidays and granddaughter. How are you New Year aims going?

    • Hi, good to hear from you 🙂 glad to hear you’re doing well. I am getting on variably with my plans for this year so far, but progressing on most of them I think!

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