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My next book will be Dragon Shift – the first book in the Dragons of Kaitstud series.

Dragon Shift by Clari Gosling (flattened)(final)2

The first book in the Dragons of Kaitstud series – now on preorder

Half-bear-shifter half-dragon in a world where dragons are thought extinct, Birgith must face the ultimate test of her shifting ability to be accepted as an adult in the Bear-shifter clan.

If Birgith manifests any sign that she has dragon blood she will be killed immediately and her dragon family hunted, as they are feared by all four clans in the continent of Kaitstud. But when the test comes, she is unable to shift at all. So she is exiled and classed as a human, with all the restrictions on her that designation entails.

Leaving behind everything she’s ever known, Birgith sets out on a perilous journey away from her forest home to make peace with her dual heritage. A journey to find her hidden dragon family. A journey that puts her life and theirs at risk. Or that will help her embrace who she truly is.

The first in an exciting new series for readers who love magic, adventure and strong female characters. Preorder now so you don’t miss out!

My most recent release is A mixed bag: a multi-genre collection of short stories. I have also written two non-fiction books about moving and living abroad in my Expat Life series.


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