Dragon Storm is the prequel to the Dragons of Kaitstud series and it tells the story of Nikulas and (spoiler!) how he is captured.

Book cover for Dragon Storm by Clarissa Gosling

Nikulas, like his brothers, hates hiding the fact that dragons still exist. But their mother keeps them inside their hidden valley, away from the humans who hunted and killed the rest of her family. The longer their sister stays away, the more the peaks circling them feel like a cage.

One day, Nikulas can take it no longer and flies over the mountains, determined to find her. But the world beyond their valley is wider than he’d expected. And his presence isn’t as unnoticed as he assumed.

In this prequel to the Dragons of Kaitstud series, follow Nikulas as he triggers Varvaara’s fears, demonstrating to all of the continent that the dragons survived.

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