Check out my Kickstarter for the omnibus edition of the Dragons of Kaitstud series. This includes Dragon Shift, Dragon Heir and Dragon Queen, as well as two short stories: Dragon Storm and Dragon Valley

dragons of kaitstud omnibus campaign

The omnibus is available in ebook, paperback and hardback, and all copies through the Kickstarter will be digitally signed and numbered. This is the first time any of my books will be available in hardback and I am very excited to make that available.

All the books will be reformatted with fancy chapter headers, scene break images and new covers which I will reveal soon! 

The campaign has funded already, so everyone who pledges now will definitely be getting their books. It also means it is time for a stretch goal – When we hit €750 I’ll include the second epilogue for Dragon Queen, which I wrote as an extra for my newsletter, in all versions of the omnibus. 

While the story is complete with the book as originally published, this extra epilogue adds to the HEA with (SPOILER ALERT) a wedding!

Head over to Kickstarter now to get your hands on these gorgeous editions!

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