In January 2021 me and a group of author friends launched a podcast. Reading Queens podcast is a fun discussion between friends about all things books and whatever other tangents we run into! 

I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for so long, and are already on our third season! It is so much fun, and I love every episode I’m on. As there is quite a group of us – eleven in fact – we take it in turns to be on each week. Otherwise we’d overwhelm listeners and it would be really hard to have a conversation with that many people.

Even the weeks I’m not on, this is the first podcast I listen to. It is such fun, and I’ve found so many new books to read from it. My TBR pile is not happy with that, but who cares! If you love books and book boyfriends and author interviews and other related topics, then I highly recommend that you check out our podcast.

Episodes I’ve been on have discussed dragon books, Jane Austen, superhumans, Dune, fated mates, and royalty, as well as Theo James, bunnies, mountain biking, lifestyle tips and Broadway. I’ve also been honoured to interview Stacey Trombley and Carol Beth Anderson, as well as being interviewed myself.

If you want to find out more, or listen to any of the episodes, then check out my page for the podcast. There are direct links to Youtube for all the episodes I’m in, or links to various platforms for the podcast as a whole.

We also have a Patreon to support the podcast, so check that out to see what great offers we have for the support tiers. They include a group discord, to chat all things books, swag, behind-the-scenes info and videos, zoom calls and free books. We are excited to take this next step and develop a group of people who love talking about reading as much as we do! I hope you join us on Patreon, as well as listen to us.

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