As well as Fae Secrets, which released last week, I’ve also been part of two anthologies which are (or almost) published.

Next Chapters Unleashed

Next Chapters Unleashed is a cross-genre anthology featuring fifteen stories about new beginnings.

My story, The Rival and the Rescue, is a preview of the series I will be working on in 2023/4, so pick it up now to get a glimpse of what is coming soon!


While Samira anxiously awaits the Phoenix Designation Ceremony, her day-trip to the river beach doesn’t go as expected in this YA epic fantasy.



Dracos is an anthology of YA dragon stories.

My story, Dragon Valley, is a companion story to Dragon Shift. Chronologically, it takes place about half-way through that, though it can be read on its own.


Birgith has spent all her life wanting to meet her dragon family. Now she’s found their secret valley and met them, her brothers hate her. Will she be able to show them the value of her time among the humans outside their valley, or will they ostracise her further? And how can they ever work together to rescue Nikulas, who was captured trying to find her?


Get both now!

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