Well, one anthology coming out this year just doesn’t seem to be enough for me. Which means I am pleased to announce that I will have a story in the Next Chapters Unleashed anthology publishing on the 12th April. And rather excitingly, my story is a prequel for the next series I’m planning to write. Because developing two worlds just isn’t enough! 

The Rival and the Rescue is a short story prequel to the Phoenix Empress series, which together tell the story of Samira. She is a young girl growing up in Fenixia, a city ruled by the five main families. Family is the heart of life, and crystals allow you to manipulate the energies around you. It is a world where your worth is based on your role within the family, which is set at age sixteen during the Phoenix Designation Ceremony. Samira is the most talented in her age group. So she expects to be the First Chosen, and to have the pick of roles. But her parents are low ranked within the Tindersand Family. Tajamar, the spoilt son of one of the Family’s most powerful couples, is her only threat. She can only hope their Family Parent prizes skill over politics.

Begin your journey into this world of family intrigue in a decaying empire, where secrets are hoarded and everyone is out for themselves, or their family. Book One, The Archivist and the Knife, is planned for publication in 2023.

The other stories in the anthology span multiple genres, focusing on new beginnings and beaches, and they all feature a dog! There are some great other stories, so I hope you enjoy those as well.

Preorder it now! 

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