2021 was another hard year. I did publish the two books I planned, though I only wrote one of the sequels. My word for the year was build, and I did build my newsletter and backlist, though there are still ways to go to for both of them. Maybe that is more of a decade plan?

It was a hard year, with continued lockdowns, school closures, health scares, and multiple disruptions to what we had planned for the year. It feels a bit like this is becoming the norm, and I struggle with that. I am someone who likes a plan and to know what I’m doing, so the constant switching of what we can do or not is really difficult. I know it is for many others as well. But I understand the reasons behind it and support the need to modify our own actions in order to limit the risks to other people. I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful house with family I love, so we are very blessed.

In 2020 I wrote two novels and edited one, in 2021 I edited two novels and wrote one. I plan in 2022 to write two and edit two. So that is a bit of a higher target than I’ve done the last few years. I am also publishing two short stories this year in two anthologies, both of which are in different stages of editing. I also want to publish a prequel to my dragon series – it is mostly written, so I need to finish the draft and then edit it. I do feel like I have spent most of the year editing and miss writing, so I want to get stuck into writing my next book. I just have more editing to do before I can get to that.

For 2022 my word for the year is cherish. Increasingly I am aware that we only get one go at this, so I want to be kinder to myself and look after myself better. And also cherish my creativity and business sense and networks. This is a more calm, consolidating year. Writing is something I want to do for the long-term, so I need to look after myself and ensure that I am setting up in a sustainable manner. So while I do want to continue to build and expand my business and books, I want to do that in a way that also builds myself. So that is something I plan to work on this year.

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