Dragon Heir publishes in just over a month! I am currently putting the finishing touches to the manuscript, so thought I would share a few teasers about the story here for you.

  • It is dual point of view, as it follows both Birgith and Haydn. (And yes, SPOILER ALERT, they do meet up again!)
  • It starts about a week after the last book ended (if you want to read some bonus scenes that happen in between, then sign up for my newsletter and check out the freebies page)
  • We find out more about the Conservatoire and how their magic works
  • Haydn is reunited with an old childhood friend, but will she help them?
  • Birgith has to choose between her dragon family and her bear family.
  • Her brothers make everyone laugh a few times.
  • Leonie returns, and you’ll never guess who she’s hooked up with!
  • Birgith’s aunt continues to make things difficult for her

And as an added excitement, I have new covers for both this story and Dragon Shift (see above). I swapped them over on the retailers, and my book info pages, but I realised that I hadn’t announced the change in a blog post. So, that’s what this is. I love them and I can’t wait to share the book three cover with you. (HINT, that will be going on preorder very soon!)

Preorder Dragon Heir now to make sure you are one of the first to get it!


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