It was a bit of a rush to the finish, but Fae Fair was published on 29th April. I even managed to have the paperback available for launch as well.

And I have been blown over by the feedback that I’ve got so far. Reviews are really important to authors, as they help us know that what we’re doing is worthwhile, but also as they help new readers know if a book is worth reading.

So if you have read, and enjoyed, any of my books I would really appreciate it if you could post a review. That’s the easiest way to support authors you like. Or tell all your friends to buy our books, that works too!

As a warning to you, if you haven’t grabbed a copy of Fae Fair, or pre-ordered the second book in the series, Fae Secrets, then do so now. As tomorrow I will be raising the prices of both of these. So, now is the time to get them at the cheapest price I’m going to offer them at for a long while!

As for me, now that I’ve finished up Fae Fair and launched that out into the world, I’m turning my attention back to dragons. Dragon’s Heir is the second book in my Dragons of Kaitstud series, which is scheduled to publish at the end of November this year. So my next task is to start editing that. Let’s see how far I get before the schools break up for the summer holiday!

Dragon’s Heir is also available to pre-order so that you don’t miss out when it publishes.

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