Fae Fair publishes in just over a month! Somehow that is not very long away now. It was so far away for ages and now it has almost crept up on me. I am pleased to say that I did get the manuscript to my editor on time, so we are on track to get everything ready for publication. Though it will be a bit of a race once I get her comments, so I expect that the paperback will be later than the ebook. I can’t finalise the cover for the paperback until I know how many pages there are in the text. And I won’t know how many pages there will be until I have finished all the final edits and formatted the text and all of that. But I will get the paperback available for purchase as soon as I can do!

Unfortunately, because of covid and needing to homeschool earlier in the year everything for this book has ended up being a bit last minute, which isn’t ideal. But it is getting done. And if the only issue I have is that the paperback comes out after the ebook, then I will count myself very lucky indeed!

As part of my preparations and organising all my notes before the book publishes I’ve created a story bible. This is a site where all the information about characters and places and important things is all kept together so I can make sure that I am consistent. Both within one book and between different books. It is a work in progress, but I have made it publicly available through World Anvil.  Much of the information is hidden so that only I can see it because spoilers, but I hope that it will give you a taste of my fae world. 

So, if you have read Fae Bargains and can’t wait to dive back into this world, or if you want a taste of the fae to see what makes my faery different to others you have read about, it is available. Read more about the faery realm at your peril and do let me know by commenting here, or on the articles themselves, what you think of this.

Was it interesting? Would you like to know more? If so, what? It is a work in progress, so I plan to keep adding to it, especially as I write the next books in the series. So there might be hints for later books over the next few months too…

Anyway, this is a bit like the calm before the storm. The rest of this month, before Fae Fair publishes, is going to be a bit crazy busy. So wish me luck!

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