I have reorganised my newsletter and made Fae bargains available for my subscribers as a free download. Fae Bargains is the prequel to the Lost Princess of Starlight series, and it was available as part of the Realms of Fae and Shadow anthology at the end of last year. That was a time-limited anthology, so as it is no longer for sale I can make my story available. So, if you are interested in reading an introduction to my fae world, and to the happenings that trigger the main story then sign up for my newsletter and you can download it for free.

Fae Bargains book cover

Faerie punishments usually spell death.
For Evan, it could offer freedom.⁣

As reluctant heir to the Moonlight Court, Evan would take forest games over a royal crown any day. But when he’s caught sneaking humans into faerie for fun, the fearsome Huntsman of the Forest delivers a fateful ultimatum: give up the throne to serve as Guardian of the gates between realms or face the wrath of the combined Courts of Faery for breaking the Treaty of the Yews.⁣

With a chance to escape the dreaded role he was born to finally within reach, Evan is willing to do whatever it takes to claim the Huntsman’s bargain. But it’s easier said than done when his mother, the domineering Queen of Moonlight, orders him to go on a last royal mission that pits him against his heart.⁣

With his future on the line, can Evan complete this final task…or will he unwittingly set into motion the greatest betrayal known to faekind?

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