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Some of you may have noticed that my blog has a new tagline:

Exploring purpose and belonging across worlds

Over the summer I’ve been thinking a lot about what direction I’m going in with my writing, and what the theme is that ties it all together. And I realised that most of what I write is about a character finding their place in their world.

Most of my fiction ideas are for young adult stories, as that is a time of life when most people are exploring these and finding out what their role is. But this theme applies to my other story ideas too. I have some for both adult fiction and middle grade, though for now I am going to stick to the YA stories. I have a plan for the next four series I want to write, though I’m not sure how long that will take me! Those will be my focus, though I will no doubt do some other stuff on the side. And keep blogging!

My non-fiction books about expat life also fit into this theme, as they are about finding belonging in a different part of this real world we all live in. And my blog is more about my personal search for the same things.

So I came up with the phrase above, which I feel is a good theme statement for all the things I want to write for the foreseeable future! What do you think?

And don’t forget my collection of short stories, A mixed bag, is available for preorder.

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