What now?

Copy of NF Book launch.png

Last week I published my two non-fiction books (Moving abroad with children and Raising bilingual children: when school speaks a different language). I’m pleased with the feedback I’ve had on them so far – if you’ve read them them do add a review and/or let me know what you thought about it.

Publishing them is only one step, now I am working to advertise them. Among other things I’m learning how to use Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Amazon ads, etc and all while trying not to spend too much without getting any returns. It’s a whole new world!

As well as adverts, I’m working on getting a paperback copy available. I need to finalise the text for the back and then talk to my designer about the wraparound cover for that. As soon as I know when it will be available I’ll let you know.

I’m also working on a short story for an anthology with a group of other writers. Hopefully this should be published later this year, although we don’t have a fixed date for this. I did mention some of the characters from this story when I did my character A-Z in April (Anne, Eric, Fiona, Mike).

So that’s quite enough for me to be getting on with, alongside all the other end of term stuff with the kids!

I hope you are all enjoying the start of summer!

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