I wrote a post awhile ago about all the things that I didn’t understand about living in the Netherlands, and as we’ve been here a bit longer now I thought I would write a complementary post on what I think are the best things about living here. These are in no particular order:

  • it’s so flat and so is easy to cycle everywhere;
  • all the people are very friendly, and they don’t hide things – so you have no need to worry if you’ve upset someone;
  • they have lovely cakes and pastries – stroopwaffles, poffertjes, appeltaart, boterkoek, … I could go on!;
  • it’s not too far away from the UK so we can go back and forth easily;
  • and yet we’re out of Brexit (mostly);
  • we enjoy different celebrations, like Sinterklaas and St Maarten;
  • The weather – because it’s so flat any rain storms blow through quickly;
  • Museum cards allow us to always have somewhere we can easily visit;
  • Ov chipcards make public transport so easy and they work on pretty much all companies and types of transport;
  • It’s so child friendly – they get given food, even fairly posh cafes have an area to play, and strangers come up to coo if they see/hear a small child upset.

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