A-Z blog challenge review


I hope you all enjoyed reading about the characters I’m writing about, and getting a bit of a sneak peek into what I’m working on. I found it a really interesting exercise to do, and I think I will keep it up for future projects. Even if I don’t share it here again in this format.

I found it interesting to see which letters I favour (J & B have the highest numbers of characters I think). There was one character who got a swift name change when I realised that he was my second character with that name. In completely different stories, so they might have been ok, but I thought it was better not to risk the confusion.

During this exercise I realised that there are a whole group of people in my sci-fi story who don’t have names yet. These are all humans on the ship with Stacey and the others. So I’m running a competition – suggest a name and if I use it I’ll gift you a free copy of the ebook when it’s published. Which should be next year sometime. My schedule for this year has got fairly screwed up, for various reasons, but it should be getting back on track again soon…I hope! Anyway, there are about twenty people needing names, so give me some ideas!

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